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Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions, we have answers!​​
  1. Who is group tour provider?
    Thank you for your interest in traveling to Impacting Love Global Ministries trip to Israel in partnership with Eagles’ Wings Ministry Travel! Eagles’ Wings Ministry Travel is a group tour provider arranging personalized trips solely to Israel for churches, ministries, and organizations. Eagles’ Wings, led by Bishop Robert Stearns, has assisted churches, ministries, and individuals with their spiritual pilgrimages to Israel for over 25 years, coordinating experiences that have impacted over 20,000 people for all eternity. We have the experience and heart for the land of Israel and fully understand the impact a tour of Israel will have on individuals within your congregation or group. In this document you will find helpful answers to the most frequently asked questions when planning a tour so you have an idea of what to expect and can better prepare in the months leading up to the trip.
  2. What’s the weather like over there?
    Israel is known to have ideal weather all year round. More specifically, if you travel during the summer, expect it to be hot and dry! Spring and Fall are pleasant. Winter ranges from mild and sunny to severe and overcast. There are rainy periods from December to early March.
  3. Why travel to Israel?
    There simply is no city on planet earth that commands the attention, hopes, prayers, and controversy that Jerusalem does. We believe, simply, that what happens in and to Jerusalem is vitally important to every person on the planet, whether they realize it or not. Sacred to Jews, Christians, and Muslims, this city was all but abandoned 120 years ago, but today, it is full of people, prayers, and conflict. As a ministry, Eagles’ Wings seeks to empower and equip Christians, tourists, and leaders through education and experience of the Holy Land. We desire to help people understand the Jewish roots of Christianity, help connect people to Israel’s past, present and future; and provide a travel experience that is truly life-changing to any believer. Whether a pastor, tour leader, or participant, you will experience the land of the Bible in a new way; you’ll encounter Jesus in a new way. Your experience will change the way you pastor or preach, will challenge the way you read the Bible, and will revolutionize your life.
  4. What is offered on an EWMT Israel Tour?
    EWMT will make all the major travel arrangements for your group. We offer both air and land packages and land only packages (based on double occupancy). We work with all major airlines and use mainly 4-star hotels, complete with local flair and located in safe neighborhoods. EWMT offers the satisfaction of working according to your budget and will research other hotel preferences or properties, and package options. Please ask about tour host benefits where you can receive free trips based on the number of passengers for groups of 20 or more. Included in your tour package will typically be airfare, hotels, entrance and parking fees, a spacious climate-controlled bus with WiFi, reputable tour guide, tips and fees, transfers to/from the airport, breakfast and dinner each day, and a helpful travel document kit to prepare participants before departure. We will customize your tour to match your needs and desires, so if you prefer adding specifics such as lunch or other interests, we will be happy to do so. Tour Guide: All EWMT tours are guided by government licensed and hand-picked tour guides who have an approved relationship with Eagles’ Wings. Many of our guides are requested back by group tours year after year.
  5. What Makes EWMT different?
    Trips to Israel is our niche market. Eagles’ Wings Ministry Travel does not offer tours, cruises, or vacations to any other country; we only specialize in Holy Land pilgrimages. In everything we do, we are committed to God’s Promised Land and his Chosen People. We have unparalleled experience and access to the leaders of Israel today so you will not just be seeing what God did in Israel thousands of years ago when you come with Eagles’ Wings, but you will be a part of what God is doing in the land today. We function as ministry partners with each group of pilgrims traveling with us and not only facilitate all the travel details but we pray for each traveler’s spiritual experience. You should be looking for travel professionals who will provide excellent value for your dollar, with a proven track record of hundreds of grateful pastors and thousands of grateful pilgrims, most of whom develop a relationship with us and come back year after year. All in all, we will never be simply a travel agent that books your vacations. With each group, we look to establish a long-term relationship based on our mutual faith. This transcends a mere transactional association you would have with a travel agency.
  6. Do we need to put down a deposit?
    YES! Two deposits are required. The first deposit is submitted with your registration form in the amount of $200. The next deposit is due in April 2020 of $500 which is submitted via an online website provided through the group tour agency. Payment plans are available at the time to pay the reminding balance which will be due 3 months prior to departure by December 31, 2020. **Please note, we cannot give extensions on the published payment plan due dates. Those passengers who miss payments will be subject to automatic tour cancellation and will forfeit payments according to the tour cancellation policy.
  7. Is It Safe To Travel To Israel ?
    Despite media portrayals, Israel is an extremely safe country to visit. In 2017 alone, 3.6 million tourists went to Israel, and all 3.6 million went back home safe and sound. Israel would not encourage tourists to come if they felt they would be in the slightest danger. Eagles’ Wings Ministry Travel has been bringing groups to the Holy Land for over 25 years and we have never experienced any severe complications. That being said, if ever we believed we could not provide an experience that is both safe and celebratory, we would postpone the trip. We take every precaution and do whatever is necessary to ensure the safety of the group as we would in any travel. Through our extensive network of contacts in the Land, which includes not only Christian and Jewish leaders but also representatives within the Israeli government, as well as our tour partners, we continually monitor if there would be any cause for concern in our travel plans. We are fully committed to making your experience in Israel both a safe and positive one!
  8. How much does the trip cost and what's included?
    The price of the trip is estimated at $4,000 per person. You have 2 options for the tour package. Full Tour Package includes group economy flights and airport transfers, 4-star accommodations, bus, tour guide, sites, tips, breakfast, and dinner daily. □ Air and Land Package (based on double occupancy) (Flights and Land Package) $4,000 OR □ Land Package Only (Based on Double Occupancy) ***No Flights, you will make your own airline arrangements and transfer to hotel to meet the group) Cost $2,800 Single Room additional $865 Reduction of Third Person In Room $96 *Please note, the air and land package prices in this quote are a good faith estimate as of the date of this quote; however, prices are subject to change daily based on availability, demand, fluctuations in the U. S. dollar, fuel prices, exchange rates, and jurisdiction tax changes. Also note, as of the date of this estimate, room and airline reservations have not been made. These will be formally requested upon acceptance of a future proposal and the receipt of the tour and airline deposit.